I went through it, so you don't have too. Let my failures help lead to your success.



A client lawsuit - did I mention it was my first client?

My first client ever, turned out to be also be my first lawsuit ever. I made three crucial mistakes, blinded by the excitement of a client. But those three small mistakes added up to one big headache. 

Two failed businesses

Everyone tells you at the getgo that you will spend like it's your job when you start a company, so it may seem normal. But how can you tell when you're over-spending, and under-earning?

The WRONG business partner(s)

You don't really know most people you're going to hire. You only have a few days to read their resume, interview them, and see if they're a good fit - but most of them can be replaced if need be. But what happens when it's your business partner that's wrong? 2 failed businesses and 2 catastrophic business partners: what you need to know about the people you'll lean on most.


Okay, okay. Here you are, you have a company, you're thinking of starting a company,